Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fingers, Fingers, Fingers, Thumb

79-yr-old Keizo, a wry inquisitive Japanese man, when asked how he stayed so young, told me:
" I don't mind anything. It's nonsense."

Kiyoshi's baseball team had a beer spray party, like the professionals. I planned my version, a white-jump-suited ketchup and mustard fight, and he listened.

Sickness all last weekend. The moon was approaching fullness and everyone acting funny.

Being the most important person to the most valuable treasure.

"Dad, after I graduate and before I start three-year temple training and then live as a monk in the country, can I go abroad for a year?"
"I understand."

Monday, May 12, 2008


I like how the Japanese word for "rehearsal space" sounds like the Dagobah but with two "ck" sounds in place of the "D" and "g." Say it with me: "Keikobah." Butoh dance is super-cool on its own, but imagine being able to do it in a place called "the keikobah." Imagine saying "see you in the keikobah." Imagine that your sensei goes to Europe for a month and leaves you the keys to the keikobah. Snap! It actually happened.

Recently, I love rehearsing and improvisation and don't care much for performance. I love building a story and watching something grow and shooting for discovery rather than solidity. Saturday morning I was playing in the keikobah and put together a few old ideas and found some new ones.