Monday, April 20, 2009

Human Bodies are Crazy!

Everything changes
there's nothing to hold onto
to grab to cling onto
but i look down and you're still there
the same moles knuckles and nails

why don't you run away
why not be free of this
why do you choose to stay
even if your dna is that way

it's still the same as when i was two
still the same as the time i got a concussion
still the same as when i fucked on a mountain
how would i brush my teeth without you?

You're still here
You're still here
You're still here
On my arm

I know you're not really the same
because i heard somewhere that
all the cells in our body change
die and regrow in seven years

you're not the same but you keep coming back
even though there's so much i lack
we're not the same but you've still got my back
sometime lets go and punch a watermelon

You're still here
You're still here
You're still here
on my arm

everything changes
i change next year i'll be a thespian
and then a lesbian gay man drag queen
town whore huge bore

I'll get a new haircut
a new boyfriend
move to a new town
and get a new job again

you're still here
you're still here
you're still here
on my arm

thank you
for loving me
enough to be
a part of this

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Naturally Inclining to Interests

I've noticed lately a swelling of something in my chest in reaction to thinking/seeing what path comes next. What do I do the next second, the next weekend, the next year?

I stepped into a nasty thicket of grass and felt a tightness in my chest; my head chided and called me a coward, but my feet followed the feeling in my torso and stepped back. I stepped into another nasty thicket of grass and felt giddy and open in my ribcage into a smile on my face. A few large steps later and i found a large nasty circle of grass that smelled sweetly when i stomped into it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Tiger Soesanto

Lifestyle Protection SUCCESS


I love Kyoto. I am thankful for the people here and the dance here and the magic that is everyday life.

Let's do it, guys! Ahoy tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yesterday I had a lovely picnic in the sunshine and played by the river. I went on a bicycle adventure and danced in a graveyard. I ate soup and kissed a boy. I met a friend at a bar for two beers and approached a stranger in the bar who had the same odd cluster of two moles on his cheek, one larger and one smaller one on the lower left side of the larger one, on his right cheek. I said "we have the same moles. what kind of reactions do you get about it?" And he expressed pride, said they were beauty marks, and asked me the same question. I said that a lot of people say I have food or grease marks on my cheek, and he said that this was very rude. He said that it's who I am, and not something to be changed for anyone else. His name is Johnny, and he is an electrician from Israel who lives in Canada and is travelling Japan for a few weeks with his cousin, visiting traditional inns and temples, enjoying kaiseki meals and mountains.