Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yesterday I had a lovely picnic in the sunshine and played by the river. I went on a bicycle adventure and danced in a graveyard. I ate soup and kissed a boy. I met a friend at a bar for two beers and approached a stranger in the bar who had the same odd cluster of two moles on his cheek, one larger and one smaller one on the lower left side of the larger one, on his right cheek. I said "we have the same moles. what kind of reactions do you get about it?" And he expressed pride, said they were beauty marks, and asked me the same question. I said that a lot of people say I have food or grease marks on my cheek, and he said that this was very rude. He said that it's who I am, and not something to be changed for anyone else. His name is Johnny, and he is an electrician from Israel who lives in Canada and is travelling Japan for a few weeks with his cousin, visiting traditional inns and temples, enjoying kaiseki meals and mountains.

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