Monday, March 30, 2009

Fucho performance and lifestyle protection

Yesterday, 6 members of Kiraza and Ima Tenko performed in the garden at Fucho. It was beautiful! The sun was shining, we were dancing, Hisako-san and her partner were playing clarinet and mandolin... I felt wonderful. A good sized audience came out to watch, and they were all wonderful. Afterwards, many strangers approached me to express how they felt, and to even say nice things like "you really stand out! i like your movement! please keep dancing!" Hearing those words yesterday will last me for years and years. Thank you Ayaka, and everyone else whose names I forgot b/c we were drinking.
Dudes, I can't even express it. The dance wash so free and fun, the music was great, all of the people were beautiful and amazing, and my beautiful boyfriend came and when i finished i found him dancing with my best girlfriends during a live performance of one of my favorite bands. But, anyway, the dance felt very natural. I can't remember the last time i had this much fun dancing - being a monkey, a flying squirrel, a seagull, heckling old people, tossing my brain. AAAAH. there are no words. and then we all took a bath together. IM SERIOUS.

Which brings me back to the fight to protect my kyoto lifestyle, a thing which ordinary people call "getting a job." It's hard to find. There are few full-time jobs in my area, and i found one, but it's like 8 hours a day for 5 days in a row. Guys? If I work that much, what's the point of life? When will i go and enjoy a sunny day by myself or go out with friends and get them to dance, or rehearse? How can i do the eight hour rehearsals that i both love and loathe if i am working that much?
And all the other jobs i find are crap, or the bosses make it sound like i will get them and then reject me at the last moment. Really! They dangle a good job in front of me and say they will confirm and then, at the last minute, say that they found someone else. It's really tough. But, I want to combine a few part-time's, because what is the point of working every day for eight hours a day? If it was a job at a dance non-profit or organic food co-op, sure, i could do it. But teaching english is a job of working and talking to people continuously, focussing on what they are saying and what the next point will be. I am the kind of person that talking to people wears me out. I can't do it. That's one reason why i love music and dance.
Think positive thoughts about my job search!
Guys, my dance company is like professional! We are supposed to be getting money when we do shows. But, everyone is poor, so that money ends up being enough to pay for transportation and one meal. But, this means that what i do in my free time, butoh, is free and pays like maybe a dollar. !!! Hoorah !!!

This is me after me and my friends took a bath together and then went to another friend's goodbye party. This guy worked at the dance performance art event, and the whole day i thought he was really cute, and at the party his friends are like "whoa, he is your fan!" and he is like "yes, i took many pictures of you!" and then he gave me the pictures that i posted above and i was happier than a mouse in a cheese factory and then i called my hot boyfriend and said sweet nothings in japanese.


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