Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yes, it happened.

6.27 (sat) EXORCISMS
Caitlin Coker(dance)
杉浦梢(video, performance)
S.C.F (video,music)
OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00adv.2000 yen with 1drink / door. 2500 yen with 1drink

In May, I was invited by Andy of S.C.F. to perform in this program. It was a very big deal to me. Urbanguild is my favorite event space, and Nii Yumiko (the third name down) is one of my favorite dancers of all time. The invitation was to do a 30 minute solo dance in collaboration with a wicked awesome sound/video piece composed by S.C.F.

It was scary- how would it turn out? (The other performers are also seniors to me, and it is a Saturday night program.) And there went a month of rehearsing and thinking and trying... And the night came, and it was a success. People came. Dancing was done. S.C.F. had an awesome video, improvised a great sound score, and I wore a big paper costume and spit wads of paper at people. That`s not a good dance summary. Well, I connected things to the idea of the Teruterubouzu (see below picture). So, for me the dance had good coherency and a lot of possibility. And I felt a very deep real raw energy. Now, I am pumped.


Ready to dance more, to investigate this thing of performing for others, moving with others, moving, moving others, being moved. Breathing and being alive. YES!!!!

I applied to the Dairakudakan summer butoh intensive with a short and earnest email in Japanese saying "take me"! For fun, I translated my Japanese back into English through an altavista translator. Maybe this is only really funny for me, but I will post it. (Note that when I change my name to Japanese katakana and then have it translated back, it becomes "Kay phosphorus")

"To large camel warship,

We would like to apply to lodging together August 2009, it is, but. I say the Kay phosphorus which comes from America. Studying Japanese and dance at the American university, after graduating, it came to Japan. They are 24 years old. Six annual Japanese is studied, but still we are unskillful, you did not see. So, we would like to become skillful, it is. That compared to, we would like to dance, it is. Please participate in lodging together. We would like to persevere. Thank you. We ask may. Kay phosphorus"

So... thinking about going to this scares me, too! In a way that is a good sign. I`m sure I will feel many special things there.

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