Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I st4yed up l4te on 4ccident

Minerals are draining out of my body and I eat the fresh broccoli a student gave me to put some back in. Today was a longer day of work, signalled in with the miaowing of a lost house cat in the alley next to the office, and three lovely old women with interesting hobbies, and seven-rear-old girls who want to ask me questions about america rather than learn phonics, and i would rather chat with them than teach them phonics, but we all acquiesce to the curriculum and sing the phonics song to the tune of bingo with one eye on the clock. The rest is a blur of how was your weekend and news articles. Every time I go to the bathroom I can see the sky, sunny, dusky, dark. I leave with the same feeling that I came in with. Walking back to my house, I start talking to myself without knowing how. I enter my room, it's clean, and it's a feeling like a good dinner party, except its a clean, bright, and quiet space. I try to dance and stretch, but my body is too tight and a little weak. I can wait.

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