Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Heart Explodes

Lately, I have been interested in happiness and having fun. What is happiness? What is fun? These are questions that are so important to ask while making decisions in life. What kind of job will I do now, and what kind of career will I pursue in the future? What will I learn, what will I go to see, who will I spend time with, what do I want to make and get involved in? Recently, I started a full-time job teaching. This definitely goes in the plus category - meeting and talking with people of all ages and personalities while trying to improve their language ability. Good choice. But, it seriously limits my free time, which forces me to be more discriminating with what I do, and gives me a desire to pursue those things that make my heart explode. Because while my job is fun and good, there are many tiring points of teaching English conversation.

Like fucking talking to people! Man.

So, I want to get back to the attitude of a child, of how I could simply choose what was fun, without my opinions being obscured by feelings of obligation or desires for security. Do you know that feeling when you experience divine joy, and you feel so alive in that moment? Like that. I have two videos from Saturday night.

1. Happiness

2. Fun - Coming soon!! I h4ve to ste4l this video from Mekers.
Go here!!! This is the best p4rt of the whole post!!!!!

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