Monday, April 7, 2008

Nara blues

Yesterday, I went to Nara, a neighboring city that has the small-town feel, the third largest Buddha in Japan, and deer roaming freely.

There were many many tourists, because it was a Sunday, and because everyone is out to go cherry blossom viewing. So, lots of people holding hands. Gross. all those sweaty palms.

I always find myself looking at the people, or the twisting limbs of evergreen trees. I seldom look at the cherry blossoms, which seem like the point of the season. The ephemerality of them, the very reason why others may find them more beautiful than other trees, could be what turns me off. I only like to watch them when the wind is tearing their petals away softly. I wish I could appreciate them while they are here, instead of subconsciously dismissing them as liar trees. "Sure you are pretty now, but you won't be here after a heavy rain!" Sometimes I have difficulty appreciating beauty and life when it is so fragile, and then I wish I could just shut up and enjoy the moment, and then I feel bad for trying to prematurely correct myself and just wish to be angry for a little bit.

Me and Meka went to Y and Y livehouse to see Sho and Mao's bluesy live. Their set was amazing. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. They are a beautiful pair. I know they were dating at one point, but I don't know if they are now. They are in college now, so who knows how their musical lives will change after they graduate. Their show was alive and beautiful. (Watch the video clip, please please please.) I wanted to feel anger and sadness and happiness and everything that there can be in life. I sipped from an abominable cocktail called "Sweet Memories," (no, really, that was the name of the drink) and then left to catch the train.

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Evergreen said...

That is awesome. They sound so progressive.